These Top 5 Video Marketing Strategies Will Teach You How To Grab Customers

These Top 5 Video Marketing Strategies Will Teach You How To Grab Customers

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The Covid 19 pandemic has affected all factions of our society. Livelihoods changed as people had to deal with job loss.

Economies and businesses were especially hard hit. For many, the long-awaited vaccinations are to look forward to as things slowly start going back to normal.

The majority of brick-and-mortar businesses have seen an especially difficult time with the pandemic. They have had to devise new ways to re-engage with customers.

One trend that seems to gain traction is video marketing. According to experts, it is expected to comprise up to 82% of all marketing strategies by 2023.

Don’t be left out. Let’s discover how you can make use of video marketing strategies to grab customer attention.

1. Practice flexibility

Creating a well-thought-out marketing plan is essential. Businesses can stay on track of their goal accomplishment without much deviation. It keeps the action of businesses disciplined.

However, it is critical to also add flexibility to your video marketing campaigns. You can do this by speaking a language that customers can relate to.

For instance, it wouldn’t be clever to speak about collecting items and physically making orders during the lockdown.

Instead, a better strategy would be to show how customers can get what they want to form the comforts of their home.

2. Be empathetic

Before the pandemic, it was expected for marketing strategies to guide customers through the sales funnel and eventually through the checkout process.

However, businesses have realized that the products people thought they needed took a back seat as more people switched to buying important stuff.

Through video, the clever businesses know to offer messages of consolation and empathy. It shows customers that the business cares about them and their wellbeing and is not just interested in selling their products.

As a result, customers feel more attached to the business and are more likely to become loyal clientele.

3. Join the community against injustice

In your video marketing, few things can get your brand noticed quite like a stance on social injustice.

While many businesses choose to look the other way on issues such as gender inequality, and police brutality, for instance, your business can set itself apart by taking a stance against them too.

In this way, you are saying to the community that you are seeing what they are going through and that you are with them during their trying times.

This type of video marketing strategy can help solidify your image in the minds of potential clients.

4. Make it mobile-friendly

If there is one thing that seems to stand the test of time especially when considering how quickly things change in the digital world, it is mobile-friendly content.

You must ensure that your video marketing strategy is mobile-friendly. Ever since the pandemic hit, the use of mobile phones has gone up tremendously.

You would miss out on a large chunk of the market if your video marketing failed to be mobile friendly and to cater to the vast majority of online shoppers who purchase their products online.

5. Be more creative with a limited budget

Ever since the pandemic, everyone including businesses had to switch to survival mode. This meant cutting down on spending significantly and making the most of the little they had.

Brands stayed away from expensive TV commercials and focused their resources on more affordable methods of video marketing such as social media advertising.

Many businesses also switched to using mobile phones for their video marketing strategies. If you’re stuck, and need to get on board with video marketing, book your free consultation today at this link or check our our packages and pricing!